Startup programs won’t start at Windows 8 boot – How to fix it?

Startup programs are that applications that gets started as soon as you login your system. Among all the startup programs some are essential at startup but excess of programs at start up can delay Windows startup. As all the startup programs require some time to be triggered. But one day all of a sudden you find that the startup programs are not started or say the programs that are supposed to startup at boot are not started. To fix this issue we have come up with some possible fixes to resolve this issue on Windows 8.

fix start-up program wont start

Startup programs are abruptly stops functioning or running at startup can prevent Windows boot. When you find that the startup programs are not starting at boot, try out the simple troubleshooting steps described below to resolve this issue on Windows 8.

Firstly check the system configuration and verify that the startup programs are not disabled. If so, then enable them. You or other user on the system might have disabled this program but you might have forgotten this. So, open system configuration and go to startup tan and enable all the startup programs.

system configuration windows 8 disable

You can also go for Windows 8 Refresh. This will uninstall all the non-Microsoft programs and help fixing many issues on the system. This doesn’t remove or delete you personal files or say all your data and information files are kept intact. You can later re-install the non-Microsoft programs.

For faster startup Windows 8 includes fast startup or Hybrid Shutdown. But this hybrid shutdown can also be the culprit for not starting the startup programs. Disable the fast startup option and see if this helps you to get rid of this problem.

To disable Hybrid Shutdown or fast startup, follow the steps given below

  • Open power options from control panel or taskbar
  • Next, click on the link Change what the power buttons do in the left pane
  • A new window opens, here scroll down and uncheck the option Turn on fast startup (recommended) under Shutdown settings.

uncheck Fast Startup In Windows 8

Once all the steps described above are completed, you can see all the startup programs running at boot.

Upon following the steps described above in this tutorial you can easily resolve issues with programs not starting at Windows startup or Boot.


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