“Solve PC Issues” pop up on Windows 8 – How to disable them?

Windows 8 has many added features as compared to its earlier version. Many users still keep on wondering how to enable or disable a feature or where to look for a particular feature. The missing start menu also causes a great havoc. Often a message pops out displaying message Solve PC issues in a Windows 8 system. Users have been complaining about the nagging of the notification that appears in the system tray notifying Solve PC issues. Here are some easy to fix this issue on Windows 8.

windows 8 file history enable disable

On clicking on the pop up, if you are notified to Reconnect your drive so that system files are backed up by connecting to the File History Or prompting for Trust this PC.

If your Windows 8 system is asking for a drive reconnection, then this might be probably due to fact that System file history is turned on. File History is an added feature in Windows 8 that serves as a backup. The message that popped up might be because when the system tried to run the file history during that time the external drive was not available.

You can disable File History feature in Windows 8 to prevent the pop ups. To do so, open Control Panel and go file History and disable it. You will no longer see and pop-up nagging on the desktop.

windows 8 file history

For trust this PC issue, Windows Live ID has to be synced i.e. you won’t sync with any other PC unless it’s added as trusted to your Live ID setup page online.

After disabling the File History, it is more likely that most of the pop-up will be disabled. Hope the fixes described above help you fix issues with Solve PC Issues pop up On Windows 8 system.

Upon following the troubleshooting steps described here you can hopefully fix issues with “Solve PC Issues” in Windows 8.


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