Scheduled Scans in Windows 8 with Windows Defender

As mentioned earlier about the recent changes made in Windows 8. There are more new features along with some changed feature added to the Windows 8 OS. Microsoft has embedded Windows Defender as default or inbuilt antivirus. This security software is absolutely free and includes great features. The program scans your system and protects your system from malware attack. Here is the tutorial how you can schedule scan your Windows 8 computer with Windows Defender.

schedule scan windows 8

Windows Defender provides much better security from the malware activity. To start schedule scan in the Windows 8, follow the steps given below

  • Open the Run dialog Box, hold Windows Key + R and type taskschd.msc and hit OK. This will open Task Scheduler window
  • On the Task Scheduler window, in the left pane, navigate to Task Scheduler > Microsoft > Windows > Windows Defender. Select third name in the mid pane, which is meant for Windows Defender Scheduled Scan
  • Now, Windows Defender Schedule Scan properties Window opens, click on Triggers tab and click New
  • To configure the schedule scan, firstly choose Begin the task as On a schedule. Go to the settings section and select your priority to have scan. Make sure to you have Enabled at left bottom corner of this window. Finally click OK.

edit trigger

  • Next go to Actions tab and click Edit
  • First of all embed the Program Script within quotes as it is not there by default. And to this, you can add two types of arguments here, Scan -ScheduleJob for Quick Scan and Scan -ScheduleJob -ScanType 2 for Full Scan. Click OK.

edit scan

  • Now navigate to Conditions tab and select the Power options as per your priority and suitability. It will be beneficial to set your device to ON itself, if it is not ON at the scheduled time, you can also configure priority for network.

Windows Defender Schedule Scan

Upon completion of the above steps you can see that your system is scheduled to scan at the time mentioned by you. You no longer need to scan the system manually; on setting up the scheduled scan Windows Defender will automatically scan your computer at the scheduled time and provide protection to your system from any malware activities.

There is no need to install any extra antivirus in Windows 8 computer as Windows Defender comes inbuilt with Windows 8, but if you want to have one you can install it. The recent changes made in Windows 8 have added great features to the operating system and liked by many users too.


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