Scan Social Networking links for Malware with Norton Satellite App

Social networking sites are becoming a part and partial if everyone’s life. But with this the malicious links and URL are also increasing and spreading through the social networking media. You must be sharing various files online, but you would never know when these links are disguised to some malicious content. Here is the tutorial how you can scan social media links and shared content for malware on your Windows 8 computer.

Scan Social Networking links Malware Norton SatelliteApp called Norton Satellite allows you to scan all your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter feeds along with the files on Dropbox and SkyDrive for any malware or malicious links. It uses reputation-based threat detection to inform you or assure you about the trust-worthiness of URLs and files and gives information about security threats.

Norton Satellite app for Windows 8 to Scan Social Media Links

The latest version of Norton Satellite not only scans social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox,, but also scans files and cloud content in your SkyDrive account.

norton satellite

Features of Norton Satellite

Scanning Facebook and Twitter feeds for any malicious links and show the security levels of all the available URLs.
Identifies any unsafe or malicious contents or files in Dropbox and SkyDrive before sharing with friends
It also scans your PC and identifies any malware infected file or folder on your Windows 8 PC, 32-bit and 64-bit. It provides information on security threats and trust-worthiness of the files.

Scan using the Norton Satellite App easy. Once you have launched the App, in the main window, click Scan. But, for this you need to be logged in and allow the app to access your social account. After the scanning is complete, you can to view the scan results, simply click Full Details.

Norton Satellite uses latest virus definitions from Symantec. To run the scan on your system, you need to be connected to the Internet. It performs scans for .exe, .dll, and .msi file types for malware. This app only helps you to identify security threats, but doesn’t remove or fix them.

You can make your online socializing a bit safer. It is compatible with Windows 8 operated desktop, laptop, or tablet, but doesn’t supports or scans devices with ARM processors running Windows RT.


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