Restart Windows Explorer in Windows 8

Does your Windows Explorer crash down and asks for a restart? Sometimes due to certain internal issues with the installed programs in the system Windows Explorer malfunctions causing the system to crash down. There are a bunch of reasons that can cause the issues with Windows Explorer. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to operate the Windows Explorer and in that case the only solution is to restart it using the Task Manager. Here is the tutorial how you can restart Windows Explorer in Windows 8.restart windows explorer windows 8
Well, it is quite irritating if the Windows Explorer keeps on hanging down or crash down especially when you are at middle of your work. To resume back Windows Explorer many users restarts the system. But why restart the system when you can just restart the explorer.

There are several reasons can be the culprit behind crashing down of Windows explorer. If you are the one who often face this kind of situation, then follow the steps described below to restart your Windows Explorer in Windows 8.

Restart Windows Explorer in Windows 8 to rescue from Explorer Crash

  • The process here involves Taskbar; firstly you need to open system Task Manager. To do so, press ALT+CTRL+DEL and then select Task Manager

task manager restart windows 8 explorer

  • When the Task Manager opens, you can view a compact form, and then click on More Details to get full account of both the Apps and processes running in the system background
  • Next, go to Processes Tab, there under Apps section, you can find Windows Explorer
  • Click on Restart button located at the right bottom corner of Task Manager.

This is it. You can now see that the Windows Explorer restarts and you can now resume back to your work.

Upon following the steps described you can now restart Windows 8 explorer when it crashes down from the system Task Manager.


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