Reset or Unpin Programs in Windows 8

After using Windows 8 for some days you might have noticed that many shortcuts are pinned on your start screen. These shortcuts are created and pinned on your Windows 8 screen by some rogue and useless programs. The most irritating fact is that you need to right click on the individual item and unpin them one by one to remove them from the windows start screen. Here is the tutorial how you can reset the Windows 8 start screen to its default screen without removing then one by one.

reset unpin items windows 8

As many changes have been made in the Windows 8, many users find it difficult and need a bit time to be compatible with the new OS. Many programs get pinned to the metro start screen after certain time interval. There may be programs which are no longer used or you don’t want them to be pinned in the start screen. Follow the tutorial to unpin those programs and get back to your default start screen.

To remove the pinned programs from the start screen of Windows 8 a simple command is to be given in the command prompt. Once you are done with the command, you can get back the default screen i.e. to the screen when you installed the Windows 8 for the first time.

How to Unpin/ Reset Items in Windows 8 Metro Tile Screen

Before beginning with the process, make sure you are logged in as Administrator.

  • Press Windows key + C to get to the Charms bar and in the search box type cmd to open Command prompt or you can directly get there by double-clicking on the cmd icon on the Metro screen

apps search

  • Now type the commands given below and hit enter
    del %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\appsFolder.itemdata-ms
    tskill explorer
  • Close the command prompt.

Once you have completed all the steps given above, you can see the default Windows 8 start screen same as that at the time of installation for the first time.


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