Removing Multiple Pre-installed Windows 8 Apps

In the earlier post we have discussed about how you can completely remove Apps from your Windows 8 system that is from all user account. There are users who won’t like to remove the Apps completely from the disk that is from all the user accounts on the system, but want to remove multiple Apps from their respective accounts. Here is the tutorial how you can remove multiple Apps from Windows 8.

Remove uninstall multiple pre-installed Windows 8 Apps
We are very familiar with the simple procedure to uninstall or remove Modern Apps in Windows 8. But, removal of multiple Apps can be tiring using this simple procedure that is to select App one by one and then removing it.
Apps in Windows 8 can be removed by right-clicking the App tile in the Start menu and select the uninstall command from the context menu that appears and repeat the same procedures to uninstall Apps one at a time. It is bit time consuming process.

There is no particular command provided to remove multiple Windows Store apps all at one go. Here is how you can remove or uninstall multiple Windows Store apps at the same time.

Uninstall or remove multiple Pre-installed Windows Store Apps

You can use a Powershell script to automate the job for you. If you don’t have enough knowledge about scripting, no worries Microsoft avails a ready-to-use script to automate the job for you. You can easily remove multiple Windows Store apps using the ready to use script from any user account in Windows 8. This presents you the entire list of Windows Store apps installed on your Windows 8 system; from there you can then specify the application IDs, and then easily remove them all at once.

remove uninstall apps windows 8 apps script

To download the script visit the TechNet Gallery and read more about the process involved.

So, if you are wondering around how you can uninstall multiple pre-installed Apps at a time from your Windows 8, then follow the tutorial here.


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