Remove Recent Apps History from Switcher List in Windows 8

As we are already aware of the changes made in the New Windows 8 OS, where some are quite interesting while there are some users who don’t favor this feature. In the earlier version of Windows OS, one has to use Alt+Tab to switch through the running applications. This feature is forbidden or say replaced by Switcher List in this new Windows 8 system. This list appears on the left edge of your screen, opposite to that of Charm Bar. Some user might not favor this feature as this shows the list for all the recently closed Apps. Here is the tutorial how you can remove or delete Switcher List contents/history like recent Apps in Windows 8.

delete Switcher List Windows 8Switcher list can be accessed by using a keyboard, i.e. is by pressing Win+Tab. This brings up an impressive 3D app switchboard in Windows 7 to cycle through the running apps from top down or use Win+Shift+Tab to cycle from bottom up.

With mouse, you can move your pointer to the top left corner and then sliding down along the left board without clicking anything.

The tutorial here will show you how to delete the history or recently opened Metro apps history in the Switcher list.
Once you remove or delete the recently accessed apps history, you can see that all listed in Switcher are closed completely and get removed from memory.

Follow the steps below to Delete Switcher List in Windows 8

Steps to Delete Switcher List in Windows 8

  • Open Charm bar and click on settings option


  • Next click on change PC settings, this will open the PC settings tab


  • In the settings tab, click on General on the left side
  • Next, under App switching you can see the Delete history button on the right side, click on it

delete history

  • When you see Done! to the right of the Delete history button, this indicates that the recent apps history of the Switch List bar have been removed completely from the system memory.

delete history switcher list

Upon following the steps described you can now no longer see the list of all the open Apps or History of recently closed Apps in your Windows 8 system.


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