Remove Ads from Windows 8 Apps

Most of the Windows 8 stores Apps are free for users, but there is no such thing called free. It accompanies Ads for which you need to opt to pay for the app in order to enjoy it. These ads are sometimes annoying, but there is a way out to block the actual ads out from the Windows 8 store Apps. Here is the tutorial how you can remove or block ads from Windows 8 Apps.Remove Ads windows 8 AppsYou can block or remove ads from Windows 8 app using another App named FML in the Windows Store. This is completely free but again it companies ads like Bing search engine. Many users out there might really get irritated about this fact of appearing Ads on the screen. Though the ads doesn’t cover the entire screen or auto-play a video, but still users prefer reading web pages without any ads.

You can remove Ads by deleting its files. All information and files related to Windows Store apps are hidden in Windows. Firstly, enable viewing hidden files on your system. To do so, click on the View tab in the explorer window, and check the box Hidden Items to reveal hidden items. Upon prompted, click on the Reveal hidden items for all folders and sub-folders.

show hidden files

Windows app files can be located in the Program Files folder. Open the folder to see all Windows Store Application files in your system.

In order to edit any of the files within the folders under program files, you need to take ownership of these files. You can achieve this under Security Settings option.

After gaining ownership of those files, you can now edit or adjust the files for each application.
You can easily remove ads by deleting the file called AppxBlockMap.xml. With the file removed, you will no longer see any ads in the apps as deleting them the ads goes unchecked by the system.

Follow the tutorial here to remove unwanted Ads from Windows 8 Apps and get rid of unnecessary and distracting ads.


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