Reinstall the Uninstalled Windows 8 Store Apps

If you are a Windows 8 user for a while then you might probably know about the types of apps available in Windows 8 i.e. desktop apps or traditional software and Windows Store apps. The Apps store in new Windows 8 has attracted many users. The Windows 8 App allows users to experience different videos, music, photos, etc. But, most users prefer uninstalling certain Apps while working with Windows 8. Here is the tutorial how you can reinstall Windows 8 Store Apps that are uninstalled.

reinstall windows8 app store

With the latest features embedded in Windows 8 OS, you can now experience the all new Apps from the windows store app. Most of times you feel like uninstalling certain Apps and again want them back. Follow the tutorial below to know how you can easily and quickly reinstall any Windows 8 apps that you have uninstalled.

Reinstall Windows Store Apps

Usually, when a Windows Store app is installed, your purchase is saved to your Microsoft Account. So the next time you try to install your Windows Store apps on any PC which is logged into your Microsoft Account. It becomes easier to reinstall the apps by using the same functionality.

Now, the question that arises is how to identify preloaded apps.

Follow the steps below to reinstall Windows Store apps that you have uninstalled in the past

  • Launch Windows Store from Start screen tile
  • Once you get to the Windows Store screen, right click on the empty space, or you can swipe from the top screen edge in case you are using a touch-enabled device, that will bring up the app bar
  • On the green bar, select your apps

your apps app store windows 8

  • Here you can find the list of your purchased Windows Store apps. To check for the uninstalled apps in your Windows 8 system, simply select “Apps not installed on this PC” in the drop down box

app store windows 8 app not installed

  • Now you can proceed with the reinstalling process as you might have found out which app is to be reinstalled, just click it and select Install button at the bottom. You also can select multiple apps to install at the same time.
  • After clicking the Install button, you can now see all your Apps that were uninstalled previously.

Now you don’t have to worry if you uninstall any App as they can be reinstalled easily. Upon following the tutorial above you can now know how to find and organize your Windows Store apps quickly and easily on your Windows 8.


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