Refreshing Windows 8 installation Fails – How to Fix it?

Windows 8 shows error while trying to refresh the installation process? In here we have discussed some of the effective ways to help you get rid of the issue. Often users encounter issues when trying to refresh the Windows 8 installation or errors prompting plug in the power cable if you are using Laptop or some other errors popping up making it all confused and prevent installation of the OS on device.

windows8 refresh your pc fix

Often Refreshing OS Installation helps eradicating many issues on the system. But when you try to refresh the installation of Windows 8 OS in order to fix certain issues or errors on the system but you see failure because of the stupid errors out of nowhere. Here are some troubleshooting Steps to fix the issues on Windows 8.

Refreshing Windows 8 installation Fails – How to Fix it

Firstly try scanning your system using updated Anti-virus or Microsoft Windows Defender. Often the Malwares can be the culprit causing such issues on the system or prevent you from performing certain actions. Once you have completed scanning the system try refreshing your Windows 8 installation.

Try Turning off your system and again restart it and begin the Refresh process on Windows 8 system.

If both the methods mentioned above fails then try removing the laptop battery by turning off the system and then place it back after few minutes and restart your Windows 8 system and start the refreshing process.

If you are still unable then try formatting your system or HDD by keeping the backup.

Often the failure of refreshing process can indicate RAM failure. Check that all the hardware’s are functioning way well.

Hope the troubleshooting steps helps you fix the issue with refreshing the installation of OS on your Windows 8 system. If you have any queries or other way to fix this error then share with us by commenting in the comment section below.


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