Random Freezing on Windows 8 – How to fix it?

Is your Windows 8 freezing randomly? On turning on the system and working on the system, your system freezes or hangs out of nowhere and mouse hides in midst. The system becomes unresponsive and the only way left is to turn off the system by holding down the power button until it shuts down. In this tutorial we will be discussing about the steps to fix this random freezing issue on Windows 8.fix random freeze hang windows 8Your system stuck while working and the freeze takes ages. Often users have also complained that system screen remains black on booting and nothing happens. There can be several culprits causing such issues on the system. Here are some possible ways to fix this issue on Windows 8.

Open event viewer to figure out what is causing the system to freeze. If you are able to find the culprit then fix it right away.

At times Antivirus can also be the culprit causing the freezing or hanging of Windows 8 system. Uninstall Antivirus other than the trusted and licensed once. Or else run a full system scan using Windows Defender and see if this helps. If you are unable to uninstall Antivirus completely, go to safe mode and uninstall it.

Open system configuration and disable all non-Microsoft programs from the startup tab to fix the lagging issue on Windows 8 startup.

Update all the system drivers, Realtek drivers, etc. Open Device manager and update all the drivers. Install drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Run System File Checker. Press Win + X to bring up the power user menu and click on Command prompt (Admin). In the elevated command prompt, type in sfc/scannow and hit enter. This will fix all the corrupt system files.

Undo all the recent installations. If you have recently installed any third party software then undo it. As that software might not be compatible with Windows 8 causing such freezes or hangs on the system.

Upon following the steps described above you can fix the Windows 8 freezes and hangs and ensure a smooth functioning system.

Hope the troubleshooting steps described above help you fix the random freezing issue on Windows 8.


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