Quick Steps to Disable Touchpad in Windows 8

You might have often noticed that the cursors jump while you type. This behavior is somehow annoying. You can disable the synaptic touch pad while you are typing or when you don’t find the touch pad useful. Here is the tutorial how you can disable touchpad in your Windows 8 laptop easily.Quick Steps to Disable Touchpad in Windows 8
When you are typing in your laptop or notebook your hands might sometimes touch the touchpad unknowingly, resulting to an erratic cursor movement and most of times you may find that the lines of text that you were writing are intertwined. If this goes on it becomes a real headache to keep on revising you document again and again and the real annoying is when you are typing fast. To prevent this kind of problem you should disable the touchpad while typing.
Even if you are working with an externally connected mouse you can disable touchpad temporarily.

Methods to disable touchpad in windows 8

Disabling touchpad using Touchpad Button

Most laptops and notebooks embed a Touchpad Enable/Disable button. When you need to enable or disable touchpad simply hit the button and you are done. This is the simplest and easiest method to disable touchpad in your notebook. If your laptop does not employ any such buttons then try other methods.

Disabling touchpad while typing

  • You can download a freeware utility named TouchFreeze and install it
  • Once done with the installation, run the .exe file
  • After installing TouchFreeze you can see the TouchFreeze Icon in the system tray. The Touch Freeze will run in Automatic Mode.

This will automatically disable touchpad while you are typing. Thus erratic cursor movement will be avoided.

Disabling touchpad from Mouse Property

  • Hit ControlPanel tile from the start screen
  • Now from the left side menu, click on More Settings option
  • Control Panel Window appears same as that in the earlier versions of Windows. Under Old Control Panel Window search for Mouse settings and click on Change Mouse Settings option from the search results.
  • Mouse Properties window appears. Choose None option from the dropdown list for Left Button, Right Button. Press Apply and then OK to save your settings.

You can find that the left and Right button in you touchpad has been disabled. Now you can attach an external mouse to your laptop to perform left or right click operations or to enable your touchpad buttons again.

Disabling touchpad using driver software from particular vendor

You can download latest drivers and software to disable touchpad either directly from your Laptop manufacture’s site or from the third party site.

Possible methods to disable touchpad in Windows 8 laptop are hereby discussed; following them you can avoid the erratic mouse movement.


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