Power user menu Lags to open Application – How to fix it?

We all are aware of the latest features added to Windows 8. Although the start menu is missing but at the same time includes a power user menu that appears on holding down Windows + X keys or by a right click on the left corner of screen. This Win+X or power user menu can be used to bring up various application on Windows 8 within a click. But at times users come out complaining that WinX menu takes much time to load or open the Apps or say it takes few minutes to open the Apps clicked from Win X menu. We have come with some possible fixes to resolve this issue on Windows 8.

power user menu lag windows-8-fix

Although Windows 8 allows easier access to various application but Win + X delays the App start. Fotr instance if you click on Power options but rather opening within click it takes few seconds to open. To fix this issue you can try the fixes described below on the tutorial on Windows 8.

Many folks believe that the corrupted files are the real culprit causing this kind of delay. To get rid of the culprit, run system file checker. To do so, open Command Prompt with Admin rights and type in sfc /scannow and hit enter. This will start scanning the system and replace the corrupted system files. You need to run the sfc scan few times and reboot your system and see if this helps in getting rid of the slow loading problem of WinX menu.

Outdated drivers can also be one of the reasons causing the Win x menu slow. So, open device manager and update all the device drivers. Update drivers one after one. To download drivers for your system, visit to manufacturer’s website. Make sure to update drivers for video card or audio card. It is always recommended to keep the system drivers updated to stay away from issues like this.

windows device manager

To resolve the slow loading of Win X menu, re-install BIOS or Intel chipset drivers. Unistall the system drivers and let the windows search for or install the drivers and reboot to see if this helps you get rid of slow loading Win + X menu Applications.

This can be also caused due to malware infection. So, run a full system scan with Windows 8 Defender to get rid of malware or virus on the system.

This is how you can fix the slow loading of Win+ X Application. The fixes described in the tutorial is all about how to get rid of the slow loading of Win + X menu Applications on Windows 8.


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