PC fails to boot after removing Adapter – How to fix it?

Upon plugging out the power cord the system turns off or fails to boot. This clearly indicates issues with power supply unit or any hardware problem. There can be number of issues responsible for power failure. However, battery dying as soon as power cord is removed indicates battery issues. Today we will, be discussing about the probable causes and fixes to resolve this issue on Windows 8.

fix PC fails boot remove Adapter

Once you plug out the power cord the computer fails to boot. This may be due to a failing adapter or dead battery or power plan settings, etc. To fix this problem try out the steps described below.

Firstly, try figuring out what is causing the problem is it the battery or the adapter. Try charging or connect the PC with a different Adapter of same make and model and see if this charges your battery or is able to turn on your system. Mostly the battery issue gives rise to situation like this. If the laptop battery dies out as soon as the power cord is plug out then the battery is a dead one.

If you have any kind of surge protector connected to the system, then remove it and see if this helps. Surge protector is a shield to protect PC from voltage spikes that might damage the system.

As Power supply unit leads to the functioning of other internal hardware a vital role in functioning of PC. If the PSU itself fails to respond then computer will completely turned off.

Open power plan options and make changes in the settings. Windows 8 includes fast startup that allows faster startup as it doesn’t completely shut down the system rather it keeps it in hibernate mode. In the power option window on the left pane click on the link change what the power buttons do and then scroll down to Turn on fast startup (recommended) or Hybrid Shutdown and uncheck it. This disables the hybrid shutdown.

uncheck Fast Startup In Windows 8

Enter system BIOS using F2 at system startup and check the power settings there or for any unusual changes in the system that might be preventing the system from starting.

Clean CMOS to remove bugs from the system.

Pull out the laptop battery and reseat it back after 10-15 minutes and startup your system.

If you are still unable to fix the issues then it might be RAM or HDD failure. Contact your system manufacturer to fix this issue on Windows 8.

That’s all. Upon following the steps described above you will be able to fix the issues with system failing to start when the power cord is plugged.


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