Organize Apps in Windows 8 Start Screen

No doubt the new start screen introduced in Windows 8 is one of the interesting features in the new Windows OS. Many user find the new start screen little clumsy due to the clustered metro tiles, apps, etc. under a single screen. The metro screen allows its users to customize the Windows 8 interface, for instance, you can make an App smaller or larger individually or as a whole or move it from one place to another on the screen, make a group and name it. Follow the tutorial here to organize your Windows 8 Apps on the start screen.

Organize Apps in Windows 8 Start ScreenAs all the Apps are clustered on the start screen makes the screen look little clumsy. But no need to worry, follow the steps below to organize your Windows 8 Apps on the metro start screen.

Steps to organize Windows 8 Apps on Start Screen

  1. Hit on the Windows button to get to the Windows 8 Start Screen
  2. If you wish to arrange or move the App Tiles from one place to another on the screen, simply click on the tile and drag it to the desired position and then release the click

Organize Tile Windows 8

  1. To make the App tile look smaller or decrease the size of a tile, right click on the desired App or tile, and click Smaller
  2. To zoom out the Start Screen on the system, click on the Zoom Out icon
  3. To get back to the default appearance, simply click once at any empty space on the screen
  4. To Name a Group, perform first and the third step and then right click on a group, at the bottom of the Start Screen, click on Name Group, name it like you want to assign the group and click Name

name tile group

Here is the tutorial how you can organize your Windows 8 Apps or tiles on the Windows 8 start screen.


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