No Sound in Windows 8 apps like XBOX Music or Video Apps – How to fix it?

Are you unable to hear any sound while playing Windows 8 Apps like Xbox? Many users might have come across this kind of situation. System sound seems to work fine but the music on Apps is gone. On troubleshooting no errors come in sight and you are still not able to hear any sound from Windows 8 Apps like XBOX Music or Video apps. Follow the tutorial below to fix the issue of no sound played in Windows 8 Apps like XBOX Music, etc.

no sound windows 8 apps ie browserIt is simply boring if you don’t get to hear any sound on playing videos or Apps. Music adds an extra dose to all videos and Apps. The culprit behind these kind of issue may be some specific Windows Store app might misses JavaScript or say some Apps require JavaScript to be enabled in the system OS to play sound. Apps that require HTML5-compatible browser might typically consists of components, documents, resources and behaviors developed using technologies as mentioned below:

JavaScript (ECMAScript)

These processes are responsible for hosting and executing any Windows Store app that uses JavaScript known as WWAHost.exe. According to Microsoft, this process offers a superset of functionality that is quite greater than that provided by Internet Explorer (IE) browser. So, if your app tends to runs under Internet Explorer, then it readily runs under WWAHost.exe.

If sounds are disabled from browser or webpages or are HTML based, CSS based or Java-script based, none of the Windows 8 Store application that are ported from web-based application will play sound. To fix this sound issue, first you need to check and make sure that “Play sound in Webpage” is enabled in the Internet Explorer browser.

Steps to enable sound in Internet Explorer

Follow the steps below to enable sound in Internet Explorer and play Apps with sound

  • First off all open Internet Explorer browser from Windows 8 Desktop
  • Next, click on Settings and select Internet Options

select internet options

  • Under Internet options, click on Advance Tab
  • In settings tab, scroll down to navigate to Multimedia section

internet option enable soundinternet option enable sound

  • Here you can notice the option “Show image downloaded placeholders”, make sure that you have enabled all the check boxes except “Finally, click on apply and hit OK

Close the browser and reboot the system to apply the changes made.

When the system reboots, run Apps. You will find that most of the Windows Store apps works fine i.e. you can hear sound upon playing the Apps.

If you there is no sound at all in the system, then probably it is a driver related issue. So, try updating your driver to the latest version or try running the built-in Sound Troubleshooter to fix the issue.
The tutorial described here fixes the issue with no sound played in Windows 8 Apps.


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