New to Windows 8 – Helpful Tips to Use Windows 8 easily

Are you one fighting with you PC after changing the OS into Windows 8? Many folks out there have tried changing to new Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 but find the interface a bit difficult. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to download or transfer the flash drive contents to the Windows 8 PC.

windows 8 tips

Windows 8 is quite different from the earlier Windows OS, so help users who are new to the interface to transfer or download the flash drive contents to the system. The start menu or the start button is missing that makes users a bit confusing while using the system.

To ease the beginners with Windows 8 or a newbie there are software’s that allows users to get the original start button back in the home screen thereby making it easier for the folks to use the system like before.

If you are facing any difficulty is downloading the contents from the flash drive, then download or install software like Classic Shell or Start8. Upon installing it you can see the start button pined up in the taskbar like earlier Windows OS.

If you are beginner or a newbie here are some helpful tips that will help you use the Windows 8 with ease.
If you want to have gadgets for your PC like Windows 8, then you can download them online.

Most Windows 8 users come out complaining about the annoying UAC prompt that appear when you make any changes in the system registry or local group policy or anytime you make changes. To turn off or disable the USC prompt you can try out the steps given below.

Open RUN dialog using Windows + R. in the box type in msconfig and hit Enter.

In the system configuration window, click on the Tools tab

Here select the option Change UAC settings and click Launch

You can see the slider, drag the slider to the bottom then hit OK.

If you are good at registry entries then you can also try disabling UCS prompt from the Windows registry.

In the RUN dialog box, type in regedit and hit enter.This will open the Windows registry

In the registry, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System

To the right of system, click on EnableLUA and set its value to 0 and hit OK.

This will disable the USC prompt on your Windows 8 system.

Using third party software you can manage the Windows 8 easily. We have already covered on the type of software to bring back the missing start menu to Windows 8.


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