Mouse Cursor Freezes Few Minutes after Windows 8 Boot – How to fix it?

Upon booting Windows 8 PC you find the mouse working for a while and all of a sudden the mouse freezes or hangs. No matter how much you try the mouse fails to respond. There can be several reasons causing this issue. To fix this issue we have come up with some fixes to help your retrieve back to you Mouse or Cursor on Windows 8.

 mouse cursor freeze on boot

Mouse functions when you boot the system but after few minutes or a while and then freezes. If you encounter similar mouse issues try the troubleshooting steps described in the tutorial.

Fixes to Restore Mouse Cursor from Freeze

Firstly make sure your Mouse if you are using Windows 8 PC is working or functioning by connecting it to other PC. If you are using laptop then check whether the synaptics touchpad is disabled or enabled or say if you hit the hot key on the keyboard that disables the mouse cursor try hitting the key and see if you are able to use the Mouse pad.

Outdated drivers can give to several issues. So, open Device manager and update the Mice drivers or synaptic touch pad drivers and restart your system and see if the mouse works or freezes. Updating drivers helps to fix most of the similar issues.

Uninstall any Third party software if you are using to customize the mouse cursor. Many users out there are kind of fond customizing Mouse cursors using different software’s but this can be the culprit in causing the freezes or hangs in mouse.

Open Mouse settings from control panel using the Windows key and try altering the settings and see if this helps in retrieving you Mouse cursor from freeze.

Malware activities can play an active role in freezing the mouse cursor. Run a full system scan using Windows Defender in Windows 8 or any trusted AV.

You can also try the system file checker to scan for corrupted system files that can also be the part responsible for mouse freeze. Open Admin Command prompt and type in sfc/scannow and hit enter. This will replace all the corrupt files. See if this helps in retrieving or getting the mouse working back.

Hope the troubleshooting steps described above help you fix issues with Mouse hangs after a few minutes of Windows 8 boot.

If you have any other issues or suggestions regarding how to fix this issue, write to us by commenting in the comment section below.


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