Windows 8 – Mount/Unmount an ISO file

Is it possible to run the content of the disk image without having to burn it into a disk? Many users out there must be using some kind of software to run the ISO file without burning them on CD/DVD. But, now this is possible without the third party software in Windows 8. Here is the tutorial how to mount and unmount an ISO and run them on a virtual disc.

mount unmount iso files windows8

The Mounting ISO image feature on Windows 8 is a great way to view and run the content of the disk image without having burning on disk.

Mount ISO file

mount iso win8

Upon selecting an ISO file, the ribbon interface has the Mount option along with Burn. You can use it from there. Or else, right-click the ISO to get the Mount option in the context menu. Alternatively, simply double-click the ISO to Mount. Once completed with the mounting you can see the Virtual Drive list. Now you will be able to run and install the software from the Virtual Drive.

UnMount ISO file

win8 unmount iso

In order to unmount, just right-click on the drive and select Eject and you are done with unmounting.

Make sure to verify the integrity of the ISO downloaded from the web before running them. As certain those files can create errors on your computer. Many users just start using the ISO file without checking them and later get error during install. Apps like HashCalc can be used to verify digital signature, if they match with files that you have downloaded, and then you are assured that you have downloaded the exact copy of the file without any error. And you are safe to proceed to use ISO file.

Upon following the above steps you can mount and unmount ISO files from the Windows 8 computer and run the ISO content without burning them on a disk.


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