Modify Shortcut Icon in Windows 8 Metro Start Screen Tiles

Windows 8 start screen has a metro style tile screen. The users are allowed to pin desktop programs to the Start screen for easier access. The overall design of Windows 8 start screen icons seems to be out of place. Here is the tutorial how to change the icon of a shortcut in the Start screen tiles.

change icons windows 8

Firstly, make sure that you have an appropriate icon in order to replace the default one. Windows 8 app icons are usually white. You can Google search for Windows 8 icons that will show you many free icons. Always remember to download icon in .ico format.

Change a Shortcut Icon in the Start Screen Tiles

Follow the steps given below to change a shortcut icon in the Start Screen Tiles.

Unpin the shortcuts for those icons which you want to change from the Start screen. To do so just right-click on the shortcut and choose to Unpin from Start.

  • First go to the Desktop mode interface and search for .exe file of the program whose icon you want to change
  • Create a new shortcut if you do not have it. Usually, the .exe files are located in the installation folder of the program in the C drive.
  • Once you are done with the shortcut creation, right-click on it, and select Properties

properties win 8

  • Under the Properties window, select the Shortcut tab if it is not the existing one.
  • Click the Change Icon button to continue.
  • Upon the appearance of the Change Icon window on the screen, click on Browse button to choose your new icon. The file must be in .ico format.

change icon win 8

  • Select OK to save the settings and close the Properties window
  • Right-click on the modified shortcut, and select Pin to Start
  • Toggle back to the Start screen and re-position the icon if necessary.

Upon following the steps given above you can easily change or assign a Shortcut Icon in the Start Screen tiles and access the respective programs easily within clicks.


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