Minimize Power Usage by Managing the Power Options in Windows 8

If you are a novice to Windows 8 and looking how to manage the power consumption on your system, then here is the tutorial to manage the power settings in your PC. Many users out there must have been wondering on how they can change the power settings for their Windows 8 PC to manage the power consumption. Follow the tutorial below to change the power settings on your Windows 8 computer.

manage power in windows 8
You can now manage the power button settings for your computer to minimize the power consumption. For instance, you can turn off the monitor and hard disk to save power consumption, put the system on hibernation mode by turning off monitor and hard disk by later when you press the power button it restores back the program you‘re working with, or make the computer on stand- by mode when not working on it, this consumes low power.

Change Power Options Settings in Windows 8

Follow the steps below to make changes in Power settings in Windows 8.

  • Go to metro start screen and open the charms bar
  • Select search in metro screen and go to settings in the right side of the screen
  • Now, type power options in the search box. From the search result on the left side, click on power options tab and then open the Device Manager screen
  • Under this window, click on choose what power button does

choose what power button does

  • The window that appears displays various settings to change the power settings on your PC. Now, click on the drop down menu and select the one which is suitable for when you press the power button either on the keyboard or in the CPU.

Advanced power options

  • Always remember to save the changes, after selecting a time period from the list.

In the power options window you can access advanced power settings. Here you can select each and every device connected to your system and make changes on its power settings.

Before making any changes in the system settings, make sure that you have thorough knowledge of computer components.

The tutorial above provides few tips to save power usage or minimize the power consumption in your Windows 8 PC.


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