Maintenance in Progress – How to Disable it?

System stops responding while Maintenance process is going on. You see the notification flag with a clock on the system taskbar. On clicking on it you find the Maintenance in Progress prompt. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to Turn on/ off Automatic Maintenance Settings in Windows 8.

enable disable automatic maintenance windows 8

The Automatic Maintenance is scheduled to run daily when your system is not in use and this is by default. This is the very cause responsible in slowing down the system response. So, your system stops responding. The response time even delays if there are several other processes running in the background and your processor doesn’t have the ability to handle all those processes including the maintenance process simultaneously. So, here is how you can disable or turn off the Automatic Maintenance in Windows 8.

Steps to Disable/ Enable Automatic Maintenance in Windows 8

  • Firstly, open Action center by clicking on its icon on the taskbar
  • In Action Center window, expand Maintenance
  • Now, click on the Change maintenance settings
  • Next, you need to set the time for Automatic Maintenance to run on the system

automatic maintenance windows-8

  • You can now check or uncheck the box to allow or disable Automatic Maintenance from waking your system from running at a set time.
  • That’s all. Now click OK and close the Action center.

This is how you can enable or disable or adjust the Automatic Maintenance in Windows 8.

Hope the steps described above help you fix issues with Maintenance in progress prompt and unresponsive nature of your PC.

Upon following the steps you can now resolve issues with Maintenance in Progress prompt.


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