Locate Visual effects menu on Windows 8

Windows 8 is a complete new OS for a new user. Starting from the start screen to settings all are changed. For a novice it can be really difficulty to look for the different settings on the system. Without wasting much time looking here and there, here in this tutorial we will be discussing how to get to the Visual effect settings menu on Windows 8.

locate visual effects w8In comparison with earlier Windows OS, Windows 8 doesn’t have an easy access to the system or say the interface is little difficult to deal with. For a new user it can be really difficult to find out the way to adjust visual effects.

Each one of us has own interest regarding visual effects, so we need to change it to time to time depending upon the application we are running and moreover not every programs follow the similar visual effects. And also there are users who might not like the present settings of the visual effects. So here is how you can get to the visual effects settings on Windows 8.

Follow the simple procedures to adjust the visual settings on Windows 8.

How to Open Visual Effects Settings on Windows 8

  • Use the start screen control panel tile to open control Panel (in icons view)
  • In the control panel, click on Performance Information and Tools icon

adjust visual effects w8

  • In the left pane of the window that opens, click on Adjust Visual settings. It will open Performance Options

Performance options

  • Next, navigate to Visual tab and check the custom radio button
  • Now, check /uncheck the list or menu for visual effects options according to your liking
  • Lastly, click Apply/ OK.

However, it is recommended to opt option Let Windows choose what is best for my Computer. That’s all. This is all you need to do go to or adjust the visual effects on Windows 8.

Hoping that upon following the tutorial above will help find the visual effect menu on Windows 8. This tutorial will be helpful to user who is new to Windows 8, as the new Interface requires some time to get acquainted with it.

The tutorial here is all about to get to the visual effects menu in Windows 8.


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