Loading Circle appears on Right Clicking on Windows 8 PC – How to fix?

Many users out there have come up complaining that right click context menu appears late or lags. When you right click on the system the context menu lags and the cursor keeps on circling on the screen. This is quite irritating situation where on right clicking on the desktop or folder or drives the context menu lags. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix this issue on Windows 8.

right click menu lags windows 8 fix

It takes much time to load or display the context menu. Users keep on waiting for the context menu but it takes much time for the context menu to appear. To fix this issue with the right click menu lagging, here are some troubleshooting steps.

Fixes to resolve Windows 8 right click context menu lagging

Corrupted system files can cause the menu lag. So, run System File Checker to fix the corrupted system files. To do so, press Win + X and click on Command prompt (Admin) and in the elevated Command prompt type sfc /scannow and hit enter. This will start the scanner that will scan for the corrupted system file. Once the scan is completed you can see the corrupted files being replaced on the system. You can run the sfc scan for multiple times to fix the issue right click menu lag.

Windows 8 have embedded various features on windows feature that automatically fixes errors on the system. Try Automatic feature and see if this helps.

Advanced options

Revert to the earlier state using System Restore point. Getting tor an earlier point where the system worked fine can help you fix the issue on the system. Once you restore back right click on the screen and see if this helps in eradicating the menu lag issue.

On installing any kind of software you might have seen Extensions added to the right click menu. These extensions cause delay or lag the context menu. For example when you download MSE, you can see its extension on the context menu. These extensions are generally for easier access. But also causes delay in the display of the right click context menu as it takes time to load the extensions. To remove the extensions, use ShellExView Shell Extensions manager utility software.


This is free, light portable and easily removes all the extensions from the right click context menu. Simply Download and run as App as Administrator as it doesn’t require any installation. Now head to options from the menu and select Filter by Extension Type and click on Context Menu. It now presents a list of third party extensions regarding all the third party utility programs installed on the system. Remove the extensions and restart the system to remove them completely. .

That’s all. Hope the steps described above help you get rid of the right click context menu lag.

Upon following the tutorial here you can fix the slow loading context menu or right click context menu lag and you are able to work on your Windows 8 seamlessly.


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