Libraries fails to open in Windows 8 – How to fix the issue?

By now it is known to many users that the Windows 8 user Interface is little tough especially for the novice. Many users spend a lot of time in getting acquainted with the new interface. Removal of the traditional menu with start screen has caused confusion in using or accessing the features in the Windows 8 OS. Windows 8 interface allows you to add some extra Libraries in addition to the default ones, to provide easy access the computer. But, sometime the library fails to open in Windows 7 & 8. Here is the tutorial how you can fix the issue.

Libraries fails to open windows 8

When you right-click on Library and click on New the Windows 7 library opens. There you can add a couple of Music folders, Video & other collections so that you can access them within a click.

create custom library windows 8

Everything seems to be working fine, but all of a sudden you find that the libraries had just stopped working. On clicking on custom Library nothing happen. Here is how you can resolve the issue.


  • Go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Troubleshooting > All Categories and click on System Maintenance

system maintenance windows 8

  • Next, click on Advanced and uncheck the option Apply Repair Automatically
  • Run the repair and apply the recommended fixes and reboot the system

Upon completing all the steps, after rebooting the system try accessing Libraries again.

If the problem still prevails, follow the next fix.


Try deleting the custom or the newly created library except the default ones, but make sure that Documents and files stored are not deleted as that must be working fine. After removing the custom library, right-click on Library and click on restore Defaults libraries to restore it.

restore default libraries windows 8

Now try opening the library and you can find that it opens like before that is perfectly fine.

So, if your custom library fails to open, then you can try all the steps described here in this tutorial to fix the issue.


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