Launch Windows 8 Desktop directly without using any Third party App

Windows 8 brings a new metro Interface or the start screen. This new feature included in Windows 8 has been attracting a lot of users. There are users who want to directly boot into the Windows 8 desktop screen instead of the default Start screen. You might have seen software’s available to bypass the metro start screen; here is the tutorial how you can get to the Windows 8 desktop directly without using any patch, script, task, or any additional 3rd party program.

Launch Windows 8 Desktop directly without using any Third party App

Although the Windows 8 start screen is a useful and interesting feature added to Windows 8, but there are many users out there who doesn’t favor it. If you one among those who directly want to boot into the Windows 8 desktop without using any patch, script, task, or 3rd party program, follow the steps below.

Steps to Boot Directly to Windows 8 Desktop

Follow the procedure given below to open Windows 8 Desktop bypassing metro screen.

  • If you have a Desktop tile on the start screen, simply drag and drop the Desktop tile to the top left corner on the Start screen. Upon placing the Desktop tile at the top left corner of the Start screen, it become the first tile to run when you hit Enter in the Start screen.

desktop tile windows 8

  • If you are in the log on screen, type in your user account’s password, and press and hold the Enter key. By doing so, it will start running the first tile on the start screen bypassing the metro screen. Do not just hit Enter or click on the next arrow as you normally do or else this trick won’t be useful and you will boot to the default Start screen. Holding the Enter key runs the first tile i.e. desktop on the Start screen without ever seeing the Start screen.
  • Once you are at the desktop, release the Enter key.

open windows 8 Desktop

This simple trick discussed here will run the desktop before seeing the Start screen. You no longer have to spare hard drive space to install any App to bypass your Windows 8 start screen, as the trick discussed here allows you to get to the desktop screen directly without any additional software or any registry tweak.


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