Launch Apps from Desktop Shortcut in Windows 8

Many users may be aware of the fact that Windows 8 interface is quite different from the earlier versions of Windows OS. If you are new user then it may take time to get along with the settings and interface. Windows 8 PowerShell can be used to acquire or make many changes. For instance, change the number of App Tile Rows on Start Screen, to fix Windows Store apps crashing, create Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Switch User, Hibernation Tiles and Uninstall any programs or completely remove any Pre-Installed Modern Apps in Windows 8. It would be way easier if you can launch Windows 8 store Apps in a click. Here is the tutorial how you can create desktop shortcut to open Windows Store apps using PowerShell.

Launch Apps from Desktop Shortcut in Windows 8

Microsoft has brought many changes in the new Windows 8, Apps store is the one which allows you to access different apps and also comes with some pre installed apps to ease the user. Now, accessing the Apps within Windows 8 is little time consuming, so here is how you can create a desktop shortcut that can be pinned to Windows 8 desktop taskbar to open the Apps with a click.

To open Modern or Metro UI, Windows Store apps in Windows 8 using PowerShell, follow the procedure described below.

Use PowerShell to create desktop shortcut to open Windows Store apps

  • To create or to start with process, firstly you need to download the PowerShell Script from TechNet
  • Once you have downloaded it, open Windows PowerShell 3.0 and follow the instructions given there.
    The instructions are easy to understand and you can follow them easily.

windows powershell windows apps

Upon completion of the process, you can see a desktop shortcut created on your desktop.

windowsapps desktop icon

You can also pin it to your Windows 8 taskbar for easier access and launch Apps with a click.

pin shortcut apps taskbar

You can download the Create Windows Apps Shortcut To Desktop (PowerShell) file from TechNet.

Follow the tutorial here to launch Windows 8 store Apps easily from the desktop taskbar and launch apps easily with a click.


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