Issues after Updating Windows – How to fix it?

In this article we will be discussing about issues with Drivers getting updates all by own or say upon updating the drivers for mouse the update caused issue on Windows 8 system. Many users especially the newbie’s are confused over how to resolve this issue. Windows allow Updates to be selected by the users rather than updating system automatically. To help you resolve the issues with Windows error or mouse lags or any other issues occurring due to the Windows update we have come up with some probable fixes described in the tutorial below.

fix issues after updating Windows

Update is necessary but often some updates causes issues on the system. Windows allows user to manage the updates. If you face issues with Windows after updating your drivers or Windows then try fixes described in the tutorial.
As already mentioned, Windows allows user to manage the updates so try disabling the automatic update for Windows or set to user to select the updates by own or show notifications only for the availability of updates.

Open Windows Update and click on Change settings link and there beneath Important updates click on the drop down button and select Check for updates but let me choose whether to download or install them and hit the OK button.
Also check the option Give me Recommended updates the same way I receive Important Updates and Give me Updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows.

manage windows update

Whenever you receive updates try hiding them by right click on them select hide option.

You can individually update the drivers from the device manager utility. Click on the concerned device and update the drivers. Also remember to install updates from its official site or manufacturer.

If you have restore point set on a earlier date where the system worked properly then try to retrieve their to fix issues that occurred after the Windows update.

The fixes described above will help you disabling the Auto-updates or say allows you to manage the Windows Update. You can update Windows when you think it is necessary or update drivers individually.

Hope the tutorial here helps you fixing issues with Windows update or errors after updating Windows.


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