Installing Games freeze Windows PC – How to fix it?

When installing certain Game in Your PC does Your PC freeze or gets stuck in middle, as a result of which you are unable to install Game. Often folks have come out issues with Game installation. Upon trying to install the PC freezes and you end up cancelling the Installation. There are several culprits behind causing such issues. In this tutorial we will be discussing about some of the possible fixes to resolve this error and end installation flawlessly.

windows 8 freeze fix

If the PC ends up freezing or stuck-up in the middle of installation or unable to install Game due to the freezing of the system, then here are some possible troubleshooting fixes to resolve this issue on Windows PC.

Fixes – Installing Games freezes Windows 8 PC

If a program or Game fails to install then it might be either DVD or the Disk Drive is the culprit.

  • If you are using a DVD to download or install a game on the system firstly ensure that the DVD in Use is not a scratched one or a smudged one. Check it before you insert in to your Drive.
  • If the disk drive is the culprit try running a DVD drive cleaning disk and then insert your disk to install.
  • Try running a different disk and see if that runs properly, if not then your Disk Drive is in question either its is a faulty one or something has went wrong. Try to Update the Drivers.
  • Always make sure that whenever you are using a DVD to install drivers or Game or Apps, check that it’s an original one rather than a copy one.
  • If you find the disk drive is causing such issues then call Computer personnel or hardware expert to get it fixed.
  • While installing any drivers or Apps ensure the version you are using is compatible with your Windows version. If not then there might be conflict and end up with errors like the one mentioned here.

Hopefully the fixes discussed above help you fix your issues with the freezing of PC during installation. If you have any other suggestions to solve these installation issues, do share by writing in the comment section below.


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