Installation issue on Windows 8 – How to fix it?

Many users come up with issue like Windows 8 upgrade struck in between or the installation process is blocked and instead prompting for the removal of program that is already being uninstalled. To a new user this can be really surprising. So, here is how you can get rid of the problem on your Windows 8 system and complete the Installation without much hassle.

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Upon upgrading to Windows 8 or during the installation, you are prompted to uninstall a program that is already uninstalled. To resolve this issue you can try the steps described below.

Steps to fix with Windows 8 installation Problem

When you delete or uninstall any program, it is not completely removed. The remains are stay back in the registry. This can create installation process. You can try registry cleaners to remove the remaining of the uninstalled program.

If you have recently made any changes on the system, simply undo. Recently installed drivers or software might give rise to certain the installation issues on the system.

If you have previously set a restore point on your system Restore on your Windows 8, revert back to that time where it worked perfectly fine. Restoring PC to earlier times fixes many issues on the system. However, Windows RT doesn’t avail System Restore.

To use the system restore or recovery,

Open charms bar using Windows + C and type in recovery in the search charm

Go to Settings > Recovery

recovery windows8

Now, in System Restore follow the on-screen prompts

Once you have restore to earlier state, you will no longer get any issue with installation of Windows 8.

You can opt for Windows 8 Refresh option. Refresh fix or replace any corrupted system files. This doesn’t affect data or system settings. The non-Microsoft utility needs to be re-installed.

Perform a full system scan using Microsoft Security essential. This will remove virus or malware they are culprits behind causing such issues on the system.

Last resort, try Clean Install / upgrade Windows 8.

That’s all. So, you can try the steps here to get the issue fixed on Windows 8.

Upon following the steps described here in this tutorial, you will most probably have your installation issues on Windows 8 fixed.


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