How to Turn Switcher ON/ OFF in Windows 8?

Switching between Applications in earlier version of Windows OS was achieved with keyboard shortcut ALT + TAB. Most talked about OS, i.e. Windows 8 adds many new features as compared to the earlier version of Windows OS. One such newly added feature in Windows 8 is Switcher top left hot corner. This improves switching capabilities. As we know that Windows 8 has two modes, i.e. Start screen and Desktop mode. This Switcher helps you to switch between the two modes. There might be user who might not be favoring the Switcher, here is the tutorial how you can Turn On/ Off according to your preference.Turn Switcher ON  OFF Windows 8
Windows 8 has been developed for use in both Smartphone or Tab and PC. As we have been discussing about the new features brought out in Windows 8, here is another one. With Switcher you can switch between apps whether you’re using a mouse, keyboard, or touch.

Today we will be discussing about how to turn the Switcher bar for switching between opened apps on or off for your user account in Windows 8.

Steps to Turn ON/OFF Switcher bar in Windows 8

Follow the steps given below to turn on or off switcher bar in Windows 8

  • Press Windows key + C to open charms bar
  • In charms bar select settings, then open PC settings

Charms Bar Settings

  • Under PC settings, in the left pane click on General tab

PC settings

  • To its right side, drag to move the slider under App switching left to turn on Switcher or towards right to turn off the feature whichever you want to apply

Once you have done it move to desktop. You may or may not notice the Switcher bar based upon your preference settings.

Upon following the steps given above you can hide or show the Switcher bar in Windows 8.


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