How to Take Screenshots of Windows 8 Start Screen?

Many users out there must be wondering what is so difficult in taking a screenshot it is an easy task, but this partly true. Screenshots for Windows 8 start screen is not that easy. As we all know windows 8 has been developed to be applicable for both Smartphone’s and PC, so the new start screen is geared towards touchscreen devices. As Windows 8 works on two different screens i.e. metro interface and desktop, therefore taking screenshot for start screen is somehow little tricky. Here is the tutorial how you can easily take snaps of your Windows 8 start screen.

Take Screenshots Windows 8 Start Screen

Taking a Screenshot on Tablet is achieved by holding the Windows button and Volume Up button simultaneously and this works fine for both the Metro and desktop interfaces, but this is not the case if you are using a PC.
Windows included snipping tool that was used to take a Screenshot of your PC’s Desktop. But in Windows 8 once you open snipping tool you are brought to the desktop so it becomes difficult in taking screenshots for your start screen.

When the Snipping Tool is open, you can select a certain area you wish to capture and then edit that image. You can also take a screenshot of the entire screen if you want.

So it clearly indicates that the Snipping Tool is not efficient to take screenshot of your Windows 8 start screen as it automatically brings you to the desktop as it is not compatibility in Metro UI.
While on the Start Screen, press the Windows key + Print Screen key and this will take a screenshot of the entire metro screen.

To Crop the taken Screenshots on Your Windows 8 PC, open Paint or any other editing program and crop it yourself.
You can use snipping tool as your alternative Cropping Method for Windows 8 PCs. Open the saved screenshot in desktop mode on your PC and then use the Snipping Tool from there.

screenshot paint

Here are the two easiest ways to capture screenshot of your desktop and Metro interface and crop then as per your need.


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