How to set Default programs in Windows 8?

You can set any of your programs as your default programs in Windows 8. When you download any programs or Apps by default some other programs are set as your default program. Windows 8 has set various programs as in-built default programs. However, there are small settings provided which can be changed to set your own default programs. You can select your default programs as you like. Follow the tutorial how you can manually set your default programs in Windows 8.

set default programs windows 8
For instance, when you play an mp3 file, by default it is played via Windows Media Player only. But, upon installation of certain programs like Winamp or vlc, you are given the option to change your default settings to play the mp3 file with Winamp.

Set Default Programs in Windows 8

In order to set default settings for programs in Windows 8, follow the steps given below.

  • Move the cursor to the right bottom and select the search box and type the name which you want

settings win 8

  • Upon opening the search box, type Default Programs then click on the window that appears
  • When the window pop ups, click on the Set Your Default Programs

set your default songs

  • After some processing, you can see a window to the left you can see many programs listed and select any one of which you want to have as your Default Program
  • In this step, you can select the programs that you want you want to set as your Default Programs. For example, click on the program you want to be the Default Program and then click on the Set This Program as Default

set program default win 8

  • After clicking on Set This Program as Default you will be prompted by a message Default settings changed.

Upon following the steps discussed above you can successfully change the default program on your Windows 8 computer.


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