How to Pin Tiles pointing directly to content of Windows 8 Apps?

As we all are well aware of the fact that Windows 8 allows its users to pin different items in the start screen. You can pin or unpin Start Screen tile shortcuts for Windows Store apps. However, very few users out there are known to the fact that internal sections or content of some of the built-in Windows 8 apps can be directly pinned to the start screen. Here is the tutorial how you can add tiles pointing directly to content of Windows 8 Apps.Pin tles pointing directly content Windows 8 AppsIt would be way easier if you can pin tiles that points directly to the content. For example, if you are interested in World news, to view that you need to open the News app then go to the local news first and then to country-wide and then World news. The whole process is time consuming as compared to fact if you could create a tile to open World news directly. Follow the steps described below to open the content of Windows 8 apps directly.

Steps to Pin Tiles pointing directly to content or section of Windows 8 apps

  • To begin with, first open News app by clicking its tile on the Start Screen

news app

  • Now, scroll to the section you want to be at i.e. Entertainment or World or anything else of your interest. Here we will be taking World News, so click on World news

news app world

  • When World News opens, right-click on it and Pin it to Start from the bottom app bar. In the pop-up that appears, name it if you want.
  • Upon clicking on Pin to Start you can see that the tile for World news pinned to your Windows 8 start screen

news app tiles

Once the tile is pinned, the next time when you want to read the World News, you can simply hit the tile created and this will take you directly to the World News section of the News app. This way you can add various tiles to access the internal or sub folder easily from the start screen.


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