How to make Windows 8 Computer a Trusted PC?

Windows 8 comes with a Microsoft account security feature called Trusted PC. This feature is helpful to verify your identify on the system automatically. Thus you can no longer have to enter a security code each time when you perform sensitive actions like resetting your password or managing bills info. Here is the tutorial how you can make Windows 8 computer a Trusted PC.

Windows 8 Trust pc

This features comes is useful especially when you have forgotten your password or someone has gained unauthorized access to your Microsoft account, as using this feature you can easily reset password from your Trusted PC by sending a request to have your password reset from a Trusted PC, Microsoft lays its belief what you say you are and doesn’t require you to provide any additional information to verify your identity or account.

Steps to make a Windows 8 computer a Trusted PC

Follow the steps below to make Windows 8 computer a Trusted PC

  • Press Windows key +C key to open charm bar
  • Next, select Settings > Change PC Settings
  • Under PC settings, choose the option – Sync Your Settings.
  • Adjacent to this option in the right-pane under Passwords, you can see a link Trust this PC highlighted in blue, click on it
  • An Action Center window appears; under Security hit Trust this PC button. Upon adding a Trusted PC to your security, you are prompted to confirm the change by sending a confirmation email to your alternate email address or a security code to your mobile phone and this will be sent by Microsoft.
  • As Soon as you click on Trust this PC button, you are directed to Internet Explorer window with Microsoft Account Settings page on the screen. Here you need to provide the code that Microsoft sends via text to your smartphone or via email.

sync your settings

  • If you don’t receive any code, click on “I didn’t get the code”. By doing this Microsoft allows you to login to your Microsoft account and select the way you want the code to be sent to you. Make your selection as you prefer.

Upon completing all the steps for each Windows 8 system set as trusted, it will be listed under your trusted devices.
Follow the tutorial here to make your Windows 8 PC a trusted one.


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