How to Locate Windows Media Player in Windows 8?

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is quite different from other OS. It has introduced many new features that are quite difficult for the new user to get through. For example, the default music player in Windows 8 is metro Music app or Xbox Music, but for other OS it is Windows Media Player. Many user like to have Windows media player as there default music player, but the Windows 8 user are unable to locate WMP on it. Here is the tutorial to find the location of the Windows media player in Windows 8.

find windows media player in windows-8

The new music platform on Windows 8 are good, but if want to access WMP from the taskbar then follow the steps given below.

Find Windows Media Player in Windows 8

  • Get to the Windows 8 Start screen, type wmp
  • Right click the Windows Media Player icon and pin it to the traditional desktop taskbar for easy access or just click or tap to launch it. It can also be done through Run dialog box. Press Windows Key + R to bring up the Run dialog box and type wmplayer.exe and hit Enter

wmp icon windows8

  • Now, set up Windows Media Player like other versions of Windows that is either by using Recommended or Custom settings

setting wmp

  • Once the setting is done you can start using Windows Media Player software.

Windows 8 unlike the earlier version doesn’t support DVD playback, but can play, rip, and burn CDs though. To play the DVDs using Windows media player you need to install extra software program. Examples of such utility programs are VLC player, GOM player, Um player, daum Pot player, KM player, etc. Since, Microsoft has left the DVD playback in windows; these utility programs can be useful in playing DVD.

To use WMP as your default music player whenever you like to play music, etc. make sure you enable it in your music file associations. Otherwise, it defaults to the metro style app.

Upon following the above steps you can easily locate and access the Windows Media Player in Windows 8 operating Sytem.


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