How To Fix – setup.exe has stopped working on Windows 8?

Set up Execution failed or say Windows 8 didn’t allow the execution or prevent the executable file from running. Upon installing a driver on Windows 8, you encounter an error saying “setup.exe has stopped working“. If have come across this issue then here is the tutorial how you can resolve this issue on Windows 8 and start running the executable file or programs without any error.

Fix setup.exe has stopped working

Upon trying to install driver or installing software you find the Windows preventing you from running the executable file and shows an error. Here are some possible troubleshooting steps to fix this issue on Windows 8.

Setup.exe has stopped working

When you are installing any driver on the system, make sure you have downloaded it from its manufacturer website. It is always recommended to download drivers from trusted sites.

Fix – setup.exe has stopped working on Windows 8

Open device manager and go to the device respective to the Driver. Uninstall the driver and then install it and reboot see if this helps. Restart will help the driver to get installed completely.

When you are unable to execute a file, run the program as administrator. Simply right click on the executable file and select Run as Administrator option.

If you are still unable to run the executable file, try running Updated Anti-virus or Windows defender and see if this helps. Virus or malware activities can also be the culprit behind preventing the executable files from running.

Corrupted system files can also the one responsible for this kind of issues on the system. So to fix it run system file checker. Press Win + X to Power User menu and select Command Prompt (Admin). In the elevated Command Prompt type in sfc/ scannow and hit enter. This will replace the corrupted system files.

Often the system prevents the installation if it’s not compatible with system or Windows configuration. So, whenever you install or run a program make sure it is compatible with your system. And also if the driver or the software you are installing is an outdated version then also you can encounter similar issues.

Upon following the fixes described in the tutorial hope you are able to fix error setup.exe has stopped working problem on Windows 8 PC.


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