How to Find & Install Missing Drivers in Windows 8?

Are you wondering around about where to look for the missing drivers for devices in Windows 8? If you are using Windows 8, then you will be quite aware of the fresh look of the Windows 8 user Interface that is the new metro start screen in place of traditional start screen. Since the start menu is missing, it quite difficult for the newbie’s to locate the various features on Windows 8 system. The drivers installed in the system can be found out under Device Manager. Here is the tutorial to find the missing drivers in Windows 8.Find install missing drivers windows 8
It is the device manager which allows you to see and manage the devices and drivers installed on your system. You can not only view devices but also drivers that are installed without you knowing, you can also view and manage hidden devices, etc.

How to Open the Device Manager in Windows 8

Switch to start screen and type device. Then, search Settings and click on Device Manager OR go to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management

search device manager settings windows 8

When the device Manager window appears, here you can list all hardware components or devices and drivers installed on your computer. The components are grouped by category. You can also see the3 details of the drivers and devices that is make, model, etc.

device manager

To view more details about a device, right click on it and select Properties or simply double click on it. You can see the properties window where all the detailed information regarding the device are listed.

Find Missing Drivers for Your Components

Device Manager is useful in getting all the details of the hardware components and the drivers needed to run the devices. If there are any components that are missing drivers, you can easily find them under a category named Other devices.
On clicking on it, you will find few devices listed and a generic name for them.

other devices
Now that you have found the devices that are missing the drivers, you can now easily install them.

Installing Drivers for Your Devices

Right click on the device and select Update Driver Software option

update device driver

You can now see the Update Driver Software wizard running on your system. You now see two options i.e. let Windows search for an updated driver (On selecting this option, it will start searching both your computer and the Internet) or else you can browse your computer and select the driver manually. Choose the first one.

update driver

The Update Driver Software wizard looks for the driver on your computer. If it fails to get a good one, it starts searches online for it. Wait till the process is completed.

When the driver is found, it is automatically installs them and wait for the process to end. You get a message informing whether the driver was successfully installed or not. Now go back to device manager, you can no longer find Other devices.

When you get to know the device that is missing the drivers, you can download the specific drivers from the manufacturer’s website and install them.

Upon following the steps described here you can now easily find the missing drivers and install them and make your computer operate smoothly.


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