How to Enable/Disable Auto Play feature in windows 8?

When you insert any external devices like an USB or SD card to your system, you are prompted by an AutoPlay option. This feature allows you to run or play the programs or the contents in the removable drive to run automatically as soon as it gets connected to the PC making it easier t so that it becomes easier for you to play any enhancements. But, this feature also is an open gateway for malware or virus from USB device to your computer. Here is the tutorial how to disable AutoPlay feature to prevent the entry of any malicious item on your Windows 8.

enable disable autoplay windows8
Upon inserting an infected or malicious USB device to your computer the malware or virus extends through AutoPlay feature. The virus or malware not only cause threats to your system but also corrupts Windows 8 OS and also unsecure or risks your information stored in the system. So, follow the tutorial here to disable the AutoPlay feature in the windows 8. By doing this way you can secure your computer along with the data stored in it.

How to Disable Auto Play in windows 8

Disable AutoPlay from Windows 8 Start Screen

  • Hold down Windows key + W from keyboard in the windows 8 start screen to bring the search option
  • Type in autoplay and from the search results in the left pane click on AutoPlay

autoplay search

  • Now you have a new window named AutoPlay on the screen
  • In the window, uncheck the box beside the option Use AutoPlay for All media and Devices

disable autoplay option windows 8

  • Finally click on save button to save the changes at the bottom in current the window.

Disable AutoPlay from Windows 8 Desktop screen or Control Panel

  • Move your mouse cursor to left corner in the desktop screen and right-click there
  • Upon a right click, you can see a drop-down list that includes several windows 8 setting options, you need to click on Control panel option

control panel

  • In the control panel window, click on AutoPlay option

control panel autoplay option

  • When you see the AutoPlay window, click to uncheck the box besides Use AutoPlay for All media and Devices option

disable autoplay option windows 8

  • Now, hit save and close the window to disable the feature.

Now, try inserting an USB stick, you can see that the device no longer shows Autoplay options onscreen.

When you need to enable back the autoplay feature, simply check that box in Auto play window that have been unchecked before.

You can easily enable or disable AutoPlay feature in your Widows 8 computer by following the steps in the tutorial described here.


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