How to download & Install Updates for Windows 8 Apps?

Windows has always favoured updating the device drivers from time to time to maintain proper functioning of operating system. Microsoft even includes auto update feature in Windows OS, which automatically updates all the drivers and software to its latest version. The new Windows 8 has many added features to it that has brought a new look to it. The Windows App store allows you to enjoy different Apps in few clicks, but this feature also needs to be updated. Here is the tutorial how you can download and install windows 8 App updates.

update windows 8 apps
It is recommended to keep all the drivers in the system updated to a latest version for proper functioning of the software and OS. The updating process for operating system and software are quite familiar to all. Here is how you can update Windows 8 applications, which are installed from the Windows App Store.

Steps to Update Windows 8 Apps

You can see notification on the metro screen, when any updates are available for your Windows apps. You see a notification (numeral) on the Windows Store tile on your start screen.

app updates tile

You can also manually check for the updates and then download and install them. To do so, open Windows Store app > Charms Bar and click on App updates

app update

Here you can see the default setting that is Automatically download updates for my apps. Now, click on Check for updates button, this will check if any updates are available.

check for app updates

You get informed about the number of updates available. To install them, simply click on Install button at the bottom bar. This will start the installation process.

install app updates win 8

While the Apps are being updated, you can see a cross sign on its tile on the start screen. You are informed once the apps are updated.

You can also get the version of any app installed on your system. To do so, open the app and go to Charms Bar > Settings and click on Permissions.

Upon following all the steps described above you can now easily download and install updates for your Windows 8 Apps.


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