How to determine Windows Experience Index in Windows 8?

Want to check your System Performance? Here is how you can go for it. Windows allows its user to view the computer performance by Windows Experience Index. This evaluates your system performance by checking the performance of the system hardware and software and presents it in a form of base score or rating. The system performance can be scaled with higher the base-score or rating better the performance. Here is the tutorial how you can check system rating or Windows Experience Index) in windows index rating windows 8Windows Experience Index is scaled by overall hardware and software performance. There are various configurations that have different sub-scores and the component which provides the lowest sub score that gives the base score. By this it is quite sure that is the base score is NOT the average of the sub-scores rather the lowest sub-core.

The Sub score is calculated considering the overall parameters of Processor frequency, RAM operation per second, Graphics Desktop performance, 3D business and gaming graphics performance, Disk Data Transfer rate. New Windows 8 OS shows a base score varying from 1.0 to 9.9, while it was about 7.9 in Windows 7. When you make any modification or make any hardware up-grade, the individual sub-score changes with the base-score as a whole.

How to get Windows Experience Index in windows 8

  • Open Computer by holding the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + E and right click in an empty space and select Properties from the right click context menu
  • If WPI isn’t run, then you may not see any rating. The Windows Experience Index shows the rating
    If are not able to get the system rating, click on System rating is not available

system rating is not available

  • A window named Performance Information and tools appear. Find the option Your Windows Experience Index has not yet been established and then click on Rate this computer option

Rate this computer

  • Rating process starts executing and might take several minutes to present the ratings.

rating windows 8

Once the system has completed the rating process, you can see the Windows Experience Index rating displayed on the screen. With WPI enabled you can now get the ratings whenever you open properties window.

windows8 weiUpon following the steps described above you can now easily get the system ratings or say system performance or Windows Experience Index.


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