How to Determine Size of Installed Windows 8 Store Apps?

Microsoft has brought made variation in the new Windows 8 OS that makes it to stand aside in queue. The newly added feature has attracted many users. The easily identified modification made in the OS is the new start screen replacing the traditional start menu. The start screen brings you the Windows live tile, store app and many more never seen features as compared to the earlier version of Windows OS. If you are a Windows 8 user, you might have certainly downloaded many Apps, but have you ever tried to determine the size of the Apps installed from Windows 8 Store App. The tutorial here will show you how much space each installed Windows Store app eat up on your windows 8 system or tablet.

Determine Size Installed Windows 8 Store Apps

However, you can manage installed programs from Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs) and see how much a specific program consume space on your system hard disk. But, Windows 8 doesn’t show any information regarding the amount of space consumed by each installed Windows Store app on system HDD.

Windows store apps are the newly added feature in Windows 8 OS, which offers several Apps and customization on your system. But this App consumes space; here is how you can find out how much space is taken by specific installed app.

Steps to determine how much Disk space is taken by Windows 8 store Apps

To find out the size of any installed Windows 8 Store app, follow the steps given below.

  • Press Windows key + C/I, to open or directly access the settings charm or open charms bar and select Change PC Settings
  • PC Settings window appears. Next, select the General tab
  • In the right pane of the window, search for the option Available Storage section. This is where you can view free space of your primary disk drive.
  • To view the size of the installed Windows Store apps, simply click View apps size button

view app size pc setting windows 8

  • Wait for a while to get the size of installed windows store app or till the size is determined. A list appears showing the apps sizes from large to small in MB.

app sizes win8

You can only view the sizes of the Apps installed in the system or say the amount of space taken by the apps on your system hard dive. Un-installation of any programs from there like that of Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel is not possible. In order to uninstall any Windows store App you need to right click on the app from the start screen and then select Uninstall from the menu that appears in the bottom.

So, whenever you need to determine the size of the installed Apps in the system hard disk, follow the tutorial described above.


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