How to Create Restore Point in Windows 8?

System Restore helps you retrieve back to the original state of your computer when it worked well. It is a great feature introduced since the launch of Windows XP. Whenever you add or remove any programs from the Computer various changes are made within the registry and other important entries in the OS. Most of times you might have noticed that upon installation of any software your computer behaves absurdly at this point if you have created a restore point then you can easily restore back to the state where the computer was functioning well. Here is the tutorial how to create a system restore point in Windows 8.

create system restore point windows8
The restore points are either manually created or automatically by the system. It is suggested to create restore points at regular intervals so that you can get back the data on your computer even if your computer crashes down. If the system Restore works automatically by default and will start monitoring the changes in the System drive and create regular restore points which can then be used to restore Windows when the system faces any errors.

Create Restore Point in Windows 8

Perform the steps given below to access the System Restore feature in Windows 8.

  • Press Windows Key + W to bring the search box
  • Type in restore point
  • Select Create a Restore point from the search results shown in left side
  • A new window opens from there you can select a drive and then hit the Configure button in order to enable or disable system Restore on that particular drive. You can also modify the amount of space required for saving the restore points.

System Restore configuration

  • The shortcut for creating new restore point is by pressing the Create button that is Alt + C.

Creating a restore point

  • Next, you will be asked for the description in order to identify the restore point when you want to use System Restore again.
  • You can restore your system to a previous date by pressing the System Restore button Alt + S. This opens another window where you can see a list of restore points available for your use.

Restoring a system using system restore

There are many freeware available to create Restore point in Windows 8. If you believe that the default Windows System Restore is not comfortable, then you can use Restore Point Creator.

Restore Point Creator is a freeware portable app that manages the existing restore points and also creates new restore points in Windows 8. The freeware comes with a simple and easier user interface. You can find a description field at the top of the window along with the create button. You can create a new restore point from itself.

System Restore Point Creator

You can see a list of restore points available. You can delete any restore point by clicking on Delete Selected Restore Point and restore to any point by clicking on Restore System to Selected System Restore Point.

Upon following the tutorial described above you can easily create a restore point in Windows 8 OS.


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