How to change Windows 8 Color for Start Screen Background & Login Window?

Windows 8 comes with many new features almost many users out there are well aware. The start screen, lock screen on desktop has been seeking a lot of user’s attention. Today we will be discussing about how to change the background image and colour for Windows 8 Start Screen. If you are fond of customizing or say just bored of the usual colour of the start screen and other window, you can find this tutorial interesting.

change Windows 8 Color for Start Screen Background

Many novice out there find it little difficult to mange Windows 8 features. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how you can change the background colour and other window in Windows 8. By now you must be well aware of the Charms bar. The charms bar allows access to many other Windows settings. So, we will be dealing with Windows 8 charms bar to get to the PC settings where you can change the start screen Background colour.

The procedure to change the background image or colour is simple, but many users are confused as the settings and interface in Windows is completely different from the earlier version. So, here are steps how you can easily achieve the background of your choice. Just follow the steps given below

Steps to change Windows 8 Start Screen Background & colour

  • Press Windows + C to bring up the charms bar and click on settings charm or directly hold down Windows + I for quick access
  • Next, click on Change Settings.
  • Now, click on Personalize > Start screen from the PC settings flyout

change background image color w8

  • Select your choice of Background image to be set as your start screen background followed by the selection of color for the log-in window.

That’s it. Upon following the procedures here you can now easily change or set any background image of your wish and set any colour to your sign-in window.


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