How to Change the Network Connection Priority?

When you connect your PC to Internet, you get a number of options to select the network connection. As we all know that Windows have changed or made many variations in Windows 8, many users need some time to spare to get acquainted with the new settings. Here is the tutorial how you can change the network connection priority in Windows 8.Change Network Connection PriorityInternet has become an essential unit of our daily life. There are several network connections made available nowadays.
You might be having number of Network Connections available on your system and you might need to prioritize them to follow a desired connection order. Here is the tutorial how can change the network connection priority in Windows 8.

Steps to Change the Network Connection Priority

To change the network connection priority in Windows 8, follow the steps given below

  • Firstly, open Control Panel from the start screen or from the desktop menu, then go to Network and Internet > Network Connections
  • Now hit the Alt key to make the Menu bar appear


  • Next, click on Advanced Settings and open its Properties box

network priority

  • In the properties window that appears, you can now see all the connections available on the system listed in the order in which they are accessed by Network Connections and other related Windows service. you can see both the local area network and remote connections under the Network and Dial-Up Connections folder managed by the Network Connections service.
  • With the help of Up and Down arrows on the keyboard, you can change the priority or order, and set it according to your priority.
  • Finally, Click OK and Exit.

Upon completion of all the steps described above you can now see that your Windows PC follow this order of priority while detecting available network connections.

To set the network connections to follow the order or by the priority set by you, follow the tutorial here.


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