How to Add Windows 8 Media Center Pack in Windows 8?

If you enjoy listening music, then you must surely add Windows media pack to your copy of Windows 8. An added Windows Media Player or other Media playing software applications adds extra pleasing and enhanced effect to your music. Here is the tutorial how you can add Windows 8 Media Center Pack to your Windows 8 PC.

Add Windows 8 Media Center in Windows 8

With Windows Media Center you can record live television programs, enjoy TV shows online, record HDTV and many more. This app was first introduced in Windows XP. It is designed with graphics user interface having an aspect ratio of 16:9, and also provides compatibility for multiple tuning and all these features are available for free.

Features included in Windows Media Center Pack are :-

  • Watch live shows and record them and watch later on any time
  • It is compatible with global TV standards and supports video audio formats like 3GP, AAC, AVCHD, MOEG, WMV, WMA, Xvid, DivX, MOV, AVI file.
  • 4 types of TV Tuners like Analogue, Digital OTA, Clear QAM, cable card are compatible with Media Center and many more.

Windows 8 Pro has been in news as it came with comparatively low price than that of other upgrade versions. In addition to it, it also provided some enviable features like Hyper V Virtualization, virtual hard disk booting and others but doesn’t include Windows Media Center. The application was only made available for free till 31st January 2013. It does not even support licensed codes like Dolby. So Media Center is worth it.

How to add Windows 8 Media Center Pack

  • Firstly, open Windows Charms Bar by holding down Windows Key + C and select Search
  • Next, click on Settings
  • There type in Add features to Windows 8 and click on the same from search result
  • Now you get two options to choose
  • If you need to purchase a product key, tap or click I want to buy a product key online.
  • Else tap I Already have a product key.
  • If you already have a product key with you, select the second option i.e. I already have a product key
  • Next enter your product key and hit on Next button.

Upon getting to the license terms and conditions, read it and check the apt option to accept the license terms, and click Add features. In case you are running Windows 8, your system restarts automatically and Windows 8 Pro all along with Media Center will be available and if you are already having, Windows 8 Pro, your PC restarts automatically and you are with Media Centre upon restart.

So, if you are wishing to add media center to boost your musical experience in your Windows 8, follow the steps described above in this tutorial to add Windows 8 Media Center Pack.


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