Hide/ Show Apps from Windows 8 Charm Search

Windows 8 has replaced the traditional start menu with metro start screen, which in turn has caused trouble to many users as they had to spend a lot of time to get along with it. If you want to look for something in Windows 8, you need to bring up the charm bar and type in your search in the search box that appears in the charm bar. By default, Windows 8 lists apps that work with search to allow you to search within the app in the Search charm. Here is the tutorial how you can turn on or off the list of apps from appearing in the list.Hide Show apps Windows 8 Charm Search

All the apps and programs are listed and are included within the App and when searched from charm, it appears to make your task easier. There are even users who might dislike this feature, here is how you can display and hide Apps from appearing in the charm search.

Steps to Hide Apps in Charm Search

  • To open search, start typing anything on the start screen or hit the Windows key to get to start screen if you are not on start screen or move your mouse cursor in the right screen you get the charm bar, from there click the search charm or Press the Windows + Q key
  • In the right search charm pane, you see a list of apps, right click on the App that you want to hide, and click on Hide

Search Apps windows 8 hide apps

On doing this the app will be hidden and will no longer be displayed in the Search charm until and unless it is enabled

Show/Hide Apps in Charm Search using PC settings

This is an alternate way to hide or show the Apps in the Search Charm bar using the PC settings.

  • Open PC settings, from the left pane menu click on Search
  • Now if you want to Turn On (show) App in “Search” Charm
  • In the right pane look for Use these apps to search and there drag the slider for a app to the right in order to turn on or enable search for that app

pc settings hide search apps

  • If you want any app to be hidden from the charm search, in the right pane of PC settings under Use these apps to search, drag the slider for the app to the left to hide it or turn it off.

Once you have completed all the steps, to return back to the start screen, hit Windows key.

Upon following the steps described here, you can now hide or show the Apps in the Windows 8 Charm bar search.


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