Headphones undetectable in Windows Laptop – How to fix it?

Headphones seems to work perfectly fine last night but out of nowhere you find that Headphone fails to play music. There might be several reasons behind causing this issue. In this tutorial we will be discussing some probable fixes to resolve the issues on your Laptop.headphones not detected window 8

Some users have come out with issues with the headphone which out of blue stopped working on plugging-in to the laptop port. Here are some possible fixes that might help you to resolve this issue on Windows PC or Laptop.

Firstly make sure that your headphones are working perfectly fine. Plug in to other device and check your headphones. If the headphone seems to be working all well then the laptop is in question.

  • Update all or the Audio drivers installed in the system. To manually update the drivers open the respective driver and hit the update button there. You can visit the respective Manufacturer’s site install the correct Driver version for your laptop model.

windows device manager

  • If your laptop in turned ON for a longtime then try restarting your system and on restart plug-in the headphones and check it.
  • You might have accidentally changed the Volume settings or speakers. Check the Volume settings and see if it helps you to play music on the headphones.
  • Most of the times it has been found that, outdated drivers give rise to such problem, so it is always recommended that all your drivers should be updated.
  • If you have recently made any changes on the system, then undo them to see if that help finding the headphones.
  • The Audio port might also be a concern too, so check if the port is functioning properly.

Hope the fixes illustrated above help you fix issues with headphones not detected or headphone fails to play music problem on your Windows Laptop.


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