Get Windows Transparency in Windows 8 with WinaeroGlass

If you have updated to Windows 8, then you might be quite aware of the changes brought out in the new OS. Windows 8 is much different from the earlier versions OS. Many users find little tricky to deal with Windows 8. There are many features which are eliminated from Windows 8. One such feature is the Aero Themes that is Aero Glass, window animations, Peek, Snap, Aero Shake to minimize other windows, and the Flip 3D open programs viewer, etc. If you are missing the Aero themes, then here is the tutorial how you can add them back to your Windows 8 system.

windows Transparency windows 8 WinaeroGlass

The Aero themes was introduced in Windows 7 and gained popularity as many users find it useful, but this feature is been missing from Windows 8. Microsoft has claimed that they’ve moved on from Aero, but this simply isn’t true. There are various features in Windows 8 that either have their roots in Aero or are actual Aero legacy features. Some features are gone, but there still some remaining.

Restore Aero Lite Theme

You can use the hidden features on Windows 8 to restore Aero. Simply follow a couple of steps, may not be able to restore transparency but possibly revives some old buttons from Aero.

Get Windows Transparency In Windows 8

To get Windows transparency, you can try the third party tool named WinaeroGlass from It is currently in beta version, but can be used.

To use the tool, download it and zip the contents of the downloaded file and run WinaeroGlass.exe. Currently, it only provides only complete transparency of the window borders in the Desktop view. The developers are still working on it to make it blur soon.

To disable WinaeroGlass, you need to restart or log off Windows 8 this is due to lack of a GUI.


Despite of Microsoft claiming of removal of Aero, but still it hasn’t Completely Gone, but there are some Aero elements that are prevailing in Windows 8. For example, Aero Peek, Aero Snap, Animations, Aero Shake, etc.

If you want to bring back the Aero features completely on Windows 8, you need to wait for the improved version of WinaeroGlass.


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